Thursday, May 12, 2016


Just over 18 years ago I self-published Pulpspotting. It collected a story previously published in issues 25, 26, and 27 of ObLiVioSiTeR (a minicomic I published from 1995 – 2000) and was, at the time, the longest complete story with consistent artwork that I had yet produced. This was my first (and, so far, only) graphic novel.

The story is very loosely based on a end-of-the-school-year party I went to with a friend and thoughts I had about it and trends in popular culture afterwards. I’ll just leave it at that….

Below are some sample pages

(Remember: click on the pictures below to see a slightly larger version)

It is on Goodreads:

(go on… give it some love…)

I’d actually planned to post this immediately after the post about the ObLiVioSiTeR… In fact I DID the ObLiVioSiTeR post so I could refer to it in this post and I did both of those posts so I could, when I announced the new graphic novel I’m working on, could point to this previous work… but…  you know… I’m lazy. I’d also wanted to sort out some sort of paypal account or way people could send money if they actually WANTED a copy of Pulpspotting (I still have a thousand or so of them in my basement!). Alas, I have still not managed to get around to doing that….

Coming soon on Tim’s Art Blog:

News about the NEXT graphic novel!?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

5 Days in St. Paul’s Hospital

Every year I try to convince myself to make a resolution to draw a page-a-day in my sketchbook (and weekly post highlights on the blog!). It rarely lasts all that long… or even gets started. Well I’m off to an okay start this week (two weeks late) I managed at least a page-a-day for the last week. Of course five of those days I was in St. Paul’s Hospital… and it’s easy to find time to draw when you have to lie in a bed and do nothing else all day…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Waiting room at the dentist.

It actually all started at the dentist. I was there to get a crown and they usually give me a sedative because I’m super gaggy… They used to just give me a $10 sedative and that was that… but now they got this whole protocol involving hooking me up to a blood pressure thing…? I think it’s just an excuse to charge MORE money… Anyway, they hooked me up and my blood pressure was “ a bit high” (190-something over 98…? I knew little about what those numbers meant at the time).

They decided the machine wasn’t working.

They tried another one.


They suggested they might not be able to work on me… Then decided to give me another dose of sedative and “see what that does”. After 20 minutes it had dropped to 176/96 so they decided to go ahead with the crown and filling – but suggested I might want to check with my family physician about my blood pressure.

Didn’t sound all that urgent… So I didn’t think too much on it.

Then I got home and got busy with other things and later I looked up those numbers… It suddenly seemed a bit more urgent than they made it out to be! I borrowed a blood pressure from my folks (190+/90+).

Getting an appointment with my family physician is always a bit of a hassle – usually a 3-4 week wait (by which time I’m usually over whatever it is I wanted to see her about) so I wandered down the street to a local physician I hadn’t seen before. He took my blood pressure. Twice. (200+/100+)

He suggested I should really be in Emergency…

Friday Night – ER waiting room. 3 hour wait.

Friday night In ER – view of the Nurses Station from my bed.

I did not sleep Friday night. Hourly blood pressure checks and periodic doses of meds to try and bring it down. Wheeled out at some point in the evening for a chest x-ray.

Nurses station at Observation 5A

Ended up in observation Saturday morning. I had hoped I’d be in and out (with a prescription for some drugs) and maybe even make it to my friend’s game day on Saturday. This apparently was not in the cards. More regular blood pressure checks and more doses of stuff to drop blood pressure.

The doctor that ended up overseeing me was awesome - and a total comic geek! 

One of my neighbors in OBS 5A. Still waiting for pressure to come down and took some more tests

Another neighbor in OBS 5A.Still waiting for pressure to come down…

 After supper I was not to eat any more solid food until my kidney ultrasound.. on WEDNESDAY!?

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning I was moved to another room (501). Blood pressure finally coming down a bit – mostly waiting on one more test.

My bed in 501…. Blood pressure a bit better… final test and released in the afternoon.

I walked home. Probably wasn’t the best idea considering I hadn’t eaten any food for 60+ hours and then had a tiny white bread and hummus hospital sandwich for lunch…

Lacking access to the internet or a phone (am I the last person on earth over the age of 10 without a smartphone…?) I had no way of really letting people know I was there – but one of Amanda’s co-workers is married to a guy that plays games with a couple of my friends… so Gary and Rick stopped by for a visit today – which was nice.

This is the reason why I didn’t do MORE drawing (and part of the reason why these aren’t the best drawing I ever did) I had an IV thingie in my right hand and it was irritating to try and write or draw.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Costumes

I thought I'd try making halloween costumes with the kids this year...

it was a bit of a group effort. The kids came up with the original ideas; "Cthulhu' and "Medusa", respectively. I helped plan and design the bits we were going to make. The kids did a lot of the marking out and cutting of materials. They also did sewing, where they could. I did a a fair bit of the tricky stuff and... well... other bits just to speed things up...

We didn't start until the week before Halloween, so were a bit rushed, but the kids really tried to help out when they could - getting up and working on them before even getting dressed?!

An evening and an afternoon at my folks using Grandmas sewing machine helped a lot.

Hats finished. Still had to find The Boy some green clothes and make The Girl's greek dress.

There were a lot of snakes in that "wig"!

The final costumes.

Not bad for a first stab at costume making. Next time we'll start earlier and maybe seek out better materials (instead of just using what we could find around the house...).

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Sketching

I didn't really do much through the summer... so I thought to get myself going again this fall I'd challenge myself to a 30-day drawing challenge: Fill one page in my sketchbook EVERY DAY this month. So far, so good - just over half way through. Mind you there are a lot of pages filled with utter rubbish. but a couple of the sketches have turned out... well... not-SO-bad...

The Girl reading "Shadow over Innsmouth"

A young woman I saw on campus today. She had fabulous purple hair. I don't much use colour in my sketch book, but have been feeling I should try a bit more - and it just happened that I had a purple ballpoint pen in my pocket with all my other drawing stuff. So I experimented a little. It was fun.

I should do more. Maybe not "should"... I feel like I'd LIKE to do more colour work in my sketchbook. but how? Carry more coloured ballpoint pens? (more crap to carry, run out of ink and have to throw out, limited pallet). Pencil crayons? That micro watercolour kit I picked up? (seems a hassle... water can be messy...).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The oBliVioSiteR

Almost twenty years ago I started a little ‘zine, which later became a minicomic, called The oBliVioSiteR. Over the five and a half years that I produced it (1995-2000) I cranked out thirty two issues.

Looking back it’s really an impressive amount of stuff… considering most “’zines” at the time rarely made it to issue #2. ‘Zines were like the “blog”of the 1990’s.

To tell you the truth I had never heard of the term “zine” when I first started and had NO IDEA how many other kooks were out there doing the exact same thing. I was at the time going back to school and was taking Studio Art at the University of Saskatchewan. I was mostly painting, but wanted to find a more… I don’t know… “democratic” means of expression and remembered a school newspaper I had tried to start up in grade six that was mostly collage and doodles and the occasional attempt at an article typed up on old manual typewriter, pasted up, and photocopies. The first issues of the oBliVioSiteR was just that… but ruder… and the stuff I typed up (on that same, ancient manual type-writer was more or less stream-of-conscious nonsensical nattering about… whatever…

Most of it was utter crap… but I have to say I produced a LOT of that crap. I wish I could be so productive now… (There is a great article by Danny Gregory called On Making Shit which susinctly summariazed why I don’t look back on this period as a complete and utter waste of time, and why I am in fact a little envious of my former self)… but still… crap… produced by an young man trying to be “edgy” (mostly be being nonsensical and occasionally rude).

If nothing else if eventually got me drawing comics….

Also, around the time I published the second or third issue I stumbled across a copy of the Factsheet 5 and discovered that there were many, many more kooks out there doing the exact same thing. I started trading the oBliVioSiteR with all sorts of other ‘zine and comic makers and made friends with some brilliant folks, some of whom I am still friends with today… others I wish I knew where they ended up…  regardless it was great to realize there were other weirdoes out there in the world and I was not alone… it probably kept me alive through the ‘90s.

The numbering system for the first 22 issues used a sort of binary code…

oBliVioSiteR #00001 (#1), 1 January 1995, Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 4 pages
Mostly stream of conciousness rambling, an article about a plot by the CIA to kill Lucien Bouchard, and interviews with band members both fictional and not-so-fictional, some faux classified ads and… good gracious…a poem!? Well, it was a start…

oBliVioSiteR #00010 (#2), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 8 pages
A stream-of-consciousness “obliviositorial”, THE FIRST COMIC – JJ BMX Courier (he deserves his own blog post at some point), and article from Christian Knudsen called “The Straight Truth”, an article from “Big Mad John” (Burt) called “the Right Answer”, a crossword, a movie quote quiz, other nattering… 

oBliVioSiteR #00011 (#3), 15 February 1995, Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 8 pages
A stream-of-consciousness “obliviositorial”, an entire page by Christian Knudsen (including and article called “Why Cowboy” and “The Meaning of Life”, A day in the life of JJ BMX Courier, some collage, a JJ BMX Courier paper dress-up doll, another faux band interview, a reader survey, and  a couple pictures from my stay in Calgary the previous year.

oBliVioSiteR #00100 (#4), 67 Chaos 3161 (8 March 1995), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 8 pages
Apparently I started using the Discordian Calendar on this issue. A stream-of-consciousness “obliviositorial”, an article about the fun stuff I was getting in the mail (a hobby at the time was sending away for all sorts of bizarre free stuff from… well… any one that would send free stuff through the mail – mostly bizarre newsletters and catalogues from bizarre religious types and wacky survivalists and goodness knows what else), JJ BMX Courier comic, nonsensical “Things You Ought to Think About Next Week”, an interview with Shane Neville who was, at the time, a fellow art student at the UofS and publishing a ‘zine called “Oops I Hit a Moose”, Reader Survery Results, doodles, collage pictures…

oBliVioSiteR #00101 (#5), 8 Discord 3161 (33 March 1995), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 8 pages
Collage cover, stream-of-consciousness “obliviositorial”, JJ BMX Courier comic, Witchcraft by Mail article (more strange stuff I was getting in the mail), Vampires, an article from Christian Knudsen called “Special Post-St. Paddy’s Day Special”, I Met A Martian Once, other nonsense…

oBliVioSiteR #00110 (#6), 23 Discord 3161 (6 April 1995), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 16 pages
A stream-of-consciousness “obliviositorial”, JJ BMX Courier comic, “Fight Fight Fight” (and article about attending a Campus Socialists meeting), “Kill Computers”, More weirdness in the mail, Answers to the Movie Quote Quiz, “Weasels Among Us” by (“Big Mad”) John Burt, a recipe for oBliVioSiteR’s Curried Rice and Potatoes, “Life on Puree” by The Blender (Meshon Cantrill), “Shiny Side Out”, “Epistle to the Idiots”, etc…

oBliVioSiteR #00111 (#7), 50 Discord 3161 (3 May 1995), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 24 pages
Obliviositorial, Letters, JJ BMX Courier comic, “Life on Puree”  and collages by The Blender (Meshon Cantrill), more weirdness in the mail, spring pictures, “Bad ‘80s Music”, “Accesorize Scottish Style”, “The Right Comment” by (“Big Mad”) John Burt, a recipe for oBliVioSiteR’s Kraft Dinner & Veggie Dog Casserole,  reviews of other ’zines

oBliVioSiteR #01000 (#8), no date, Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 16 pages
That top picture is me holding the typewriter that most of the oBliVioSiteRs were typed on.
Obliviositorial, letters from and reviews of other ‘zines, JJ BMX Courier comic (vs. Cthulhu), reviews of bands and shows (including Furnace Face), The Blender (Meshon Cantrill), more stream-of-consciousness ramblings and stories, “Paranoia” by Christian Knudsen, a recipe for oBliVioSiteR’s Veggie Nachos, an interview with The Dalai Lamas (local band)…

oBliVioSiteR #01001 (#9), 39 Confusion 3161 (4 July 1995), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 20 pages
Obliviositorial, letters from and reviews of other ‘zines, JJ BMX Courier comic, more weirdness in the mail, The Blender (Meshon Cantrill), “More Paranoia… and A Call to Arms” and “Why The Simpsons Could Be The Most Dangerous Show You Watch” by Christian Knudsen, a recipe for oBliVioSiteR’s Omlette, (“Big Mad”) John Burt, a poem by Stephen Micklewright, more stream-of-consciousness ramblings,

oBliVioSiteR #01010 (#10), no date, Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 16 pages
Obliviositorial, letters from and reviews of other ‘zines, JJ BMX Courier comic, more weirdness in the mail (some now completely unsolicited – because of reviews in the Factsheet 5), (“Big Mad”) John Burt, “Mr. Pumkinhead Stuffs It…Mr. Pumpkinhead Snuffs It”. “ I Cheesefish” (more stream-of-consciousness ramblings), another poem by Stephen Micklewright, “The Blenders Guide to Good Business” by The Blender (Meshon Cantrill), a recipe for Hot Wings by (“Big Mad”) John Burt, still more stream-of-consciousness ramblings …

oBliVioSiteR #01011 (#11), no date (probably September 1995), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 16 pages
Obliviositorial, (“Big Mad”) John Burt, JJ BMX Courier comic vs Spasm (by guest artist Shane Neville), “Kinky ≠ Perverted” by da veeb (Brian Weibe), “Zombie Sex Fiend” by The Blender (Meshon Cantrill), “Fear and Loathing in Dundrun, SK” by Christian Knudsen,  a recipe for Oatmeal Lace Cookie by Darisia Diduck, more weirdness in the mail, Amanda’s Page, proofs of some of the smaller prints I was making in a printmaking class, plugs for other ‘zines, etc…

oBliVioSiteR #01100 (#12), no date (autumn 1995), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 16 pages
Obliviositorial, JJ BMX Courier comic, a recipe for oBliVioSiteR’s Scones, A bunch more comics – this is where the ‘zine slowly started to turn into a comic – including the first installment of “Eiffel Tower Trailer Park” and “Adventures in the Help Centre”, The Blender (Meshon Cantrill), more stream-of-consciousness ramblings, plugs for other ‘zines, etc…

oBliVioSiteR #01101 (#13), no date (late fall 1995), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 20 pages
The first of the non-sequitor, comic oBliVioSitorials, JJ BMX Courier comic, Adventures in the Help Centre comic, “Ode to Ben’s Feet” by (“Big Mad”) John Burt, a recipe for Brain Fritters by My Cousin Kabbage (Mike Kozakavich), Eiffel Tower Trailer Park comic, “The oBliVioSiteR writes a history paper or sleep deprivation can be fun!” comic, The Blender (Meshon Cantrill), “Friday means Lunch at Louis’” comic, other comics (including a jam comic with Shane Neville and Aaron… whose last name I can’t remember… dammit…), an ad for the Camus Crusade for Cthulhu, still more comics by Neil “The Bean” (Labine) and Charles Dumont, plugs for other ‘zines, etc…

oBliVioSiteR #01110 (#14),  January 1996, Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 24 pages
Back to the written stream-of-consciousness obliviositorial, the rest is almost all comics now - except for the “Interview with an Elder God” by the Kabbage (Mike Kozakavich),… JJ BMX Courier (vs. the Men in Black) comic, comics about ordering pizza, and making pizza, and working in the Student Help Centre, and going to see Shuberts Mass in G, and sitting in the empty halls at exam time, and drunk guys wandering up from the bar below our apartment and banging on our door looking for drugs in the wee hours of the morning, comics by The Blender (Meshon Cantrill), Adventures of Petit Paul comic by Charles Dumont , a jam comic with Charles and Jasper Bintner, and a sci-fi comic called “Oblivion” by Duane Russell (and my comic commentary on it…), plugs for other ‘zines, etc…

oBliVioSiteR #01111 (#15),  no date (1996), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 20 pages
Obliviositorial, Again, all comics except for “Interview with an Elder God Part Two” by the Kabbage (Mike Kozakavich),… JJ BMX Courier (vs. the Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow), How to make an Apple Pie, Eiffel Tower Trailer Park, Shitty Jobs That I Have Had: Rent-a-Cop, Joe-Guy Rock Star Extraordinaire, The Wasp, Walking to the Detroit Institute of Art, What Happens When You Base Comix on Personal Life Experiences, a comic about a fight in the hallway of our apartment, dream comics by The Blender (Meshon Cantrill), and a comic called “Catch the Boat” by Robin Bougie, plugs for other ‘zines and minicomics, etc…

oBliVioSiteR #10000 (#16),  no date (1996), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 20 pages
My attempt to make the cover look like a 3-D cover… Pretty sure it doesn't work... but then I never actually tried looking at it with 3-D glasses...?
Obliviositorial, all comics… JJ BMX Courier, the longest comic I’d don to date – 10 pages – “How the oBliVioSiteR Met the Love of his Live!” (this was later reprinted as a 20-page minicomic called “How Tim Met Amanda”), “Stuff that Happened to Me” by Jasper Bintner, “Les Adventures de Petit Paul” by Charles Dumont, “One Day in Philosphy Class” by Neil “The Bean” (Labine), “Why I love Tim” by Amanda Plante, “Randy Chaos: My Hero” by Randy Chaos, plugs for other ‘zines and minicomics, etc…

oBliVioSiteR #10001 (#17),  no date (1996), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 20 pages
Obliviositorial, “True Army Tales: RV 92 - Part 1 ‘Marching off to War’” – a comic about my experiences in the Canadian Forces reserves, a comic about winning a snowboard, “Obliviositer: Rent-a-Cop, Part 2”, a comic recipe for “the oBliVioSiteR’s Evil Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Pie”a preview of Robin Bougie comic “Vincent”, “…Your Move” by Shawn Fehrenbach, plugs for other ‘zines and minicomics, etc…

This was a real “turning point” issue where I can look back and say – “yeah, my comics were actually getting pretty good at that point” and I’m not so embarrassed to say “yeah, I did that”. Actually the one before this wasn't so bad either... 

oBliVioSiteR #10010 (#18),  no date (1996), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 20 pages
Obliviositorial, “True Army Tales: RV 92 - Part 2 ‘Into the Fire’” – a comic about my experiences in the Canadian Forces reserves, “Lets Take a Lil’ Stroll Thru the Tourist Trap Called Chemainus” by Robin Bougie plus a three-page jam comic with Robin, “Tall Tale” a jam comic with Adam Larson, “Suicide Al Does Acid” by Randy Chaos, plugs for other ‘zines and minicomics, etc…

oBliVioSiteR #10011 (#19),  no date (April 1996?), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 20 pages
Obliviositorial Q&A, a comic about my new job as a screen-printer at Tyreman Graphics and how I got it with a comic book resume (more about those in another post sometime…) including a reprint of said comic book resume, a reprinting of a comic essay I drew for a Art History class on post-modernism – it was supposed to be an essay comparing a modern artist and a post modern artist…. I handed in a comic comparing Picasso to myself… I got an 80 on the assignment?! My friend Andy who was in the class was super-pissed-off because I cranked out my comic the night before the due date and he had worked so hard on his essay and only got a 70… ah well… there was also a 3-page comic jam with Robin Bougie and two pages of plugs for other ‘zines and minicomics (I was corresponding and trading with a LOT of people at this point) …

oBliVioSiteR #10100 (#20),  no date (still 1996), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 20 pages
Obliviositorial, The Return of JJ BMX Courier, “True Army Tales: RV 92 - Part 3 ‘Les Garçons de Troupe Radio’”, “Adventures in Zine Publishing”, “TRAGIC – but not actually true perse – STORIES” by Shawn Fehrenbach, “Gen-X Suicide” by Yul Tolbert, “Heaven Sent” by Shawn Fehrenbach, a comic about a nonsensical conversation with J.C. and Steve-o, Güter and Scooter – Abstract Artists on the Roam” by Adam Larson, two more pages of plugs for other ‘zines and minicomics…

oBliVioSiteR #10101 (#21),  no date (still 1996), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 32 pages
The “Working for THE MAN” issue.
Obliviositorial, a 11 pages comic about working at Tyreman Graphics and “True Army Tales: RV 92 - Part 4 ‘Routines”,, “Have You Had Your Crap Today” by Yul Tolbert, “My very First Petty Tyrant” by Adam Larson, “Pizza Delivery to HELL” by Shawn Fehrenbach, “Bustin My Ass for th’ Man” by Robin Bougie, “Graveyard Caretaker” by Shane Neville, two more pages of plugs for other ‘zines and minicomics…

Another “turning point” issue – I started using brushes and “crow quill” dip pens and I was pretty happy with what I was doing. Unfortunately, my art had changed so much, so rapidly, I wasn’t sure what to do about the “True Army Tales” – I had originally wanted to collect the series into some sort of book at some point, but my artwork had changed substantially since I started I didn’t think it would look good all together… considered re-drawing the first few installments…

oBliVioSiteR #10111 (actually #22, though it was accidentally numbered #10111 – which should have been for #23),  no date (still 1996), Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 20 pages
Obliviositorial, The entire comic was one big “True Army Tales” story – plus an add for t-shirts I was printing and a page of plugs for other ‘zines and minicomics…

oBliVioSiteR #23, 1997, Half-Legal (7”x8.5”), 20 pages
Obliviositorial, 18 pages of “True Army Tales: Kitchen Duty”. Last issue in the Half-Legal format changed mostly because I was mailing these out to a LOT of people at this point and it was a LOT cheaper to mail a minicomic…

oBliVioSiteR #24, 1997, Minicomic (4.25”x5.5”), 24 pages
Obliviositorial, 18-page “True Army Tales” comic, ads for t-shirts and the Brown Comix Catalogue – I was at that point trying to distribute other peoples minicomics through mail order…

oBliVioSiteR #25, 1997, Minicomic (4.25”x5.5”), 28 pages
Obliviositorial, “Pulpspotting” part one, two pages of paid ads!

oBliVioSiteR #26, 1998, Minicomic (4.25”x5.5”), 32 pages
Obliviositorial, “Pulpspotting” part two, one page of paid ads!

oBliVioSiteR #27, 1998, Minicomic (4.25”x5.5”), 36 pages
Obliviositorial, “Pulpspotting” part three, an add for the Brown Comix Catalogue
I only printed 50 copies of this one and numbered them. I only gave them out to people who I’d been trading comix with and/or supported me for some time as the collected  Pulpspotting was being printed around the same time. I should do another post about Pulpspotting at some point…

oBliVioSiteR #28, 1998, Minicomic (4.25”x5.5”), 36 pages
The School Fight Comix Compilation – Part One
“How my Teeth got Chipped” by Carrie McNinch, “Big Head” by Timothy Winkler, “At da Playground” by Morgan Parducci, “the Day my Grade 6 Class Beat Me Up” by myself, “Temper” by Darren Schmidtz, “Education… That Lifelong Adventure” by David Collier, “Talk Radio: by Suzanne Baumann, Obliviositorial and plug-ola for all the contributors.

oBliVioSiteR #29, 1998, Minicomic (4.25”x5.5”), 28 pages
A bit of a “filler issue” with writing and comics about what I’d been up to recently, a brief (5-page) “True Army Tales” story, and another 2-page jam comic with Robin Bougie.

oBliVioSiteR #30, 2000, Minicomic (4.25”x5.5”), 20 pages
After  a bit of a hiatus I returned with The School Fight Comix Compilation – Part Two
Obliviositorial, “Grade 4 Dogpile” by me, “Bully Me” by Michael Hind, and a comic by Jesse Reklaw. The ISSN is for real – a guy from the Library and Archives Canada had come around at Canzine the year I went and was signing small publishers up for ISSNs… 

oBliVioSiteR #31, 2000, Minicomic (4.25”x5.5”), 16 pages
A comic about carrots. Seriously. I was trying to find new meaning and direction in life and taking classes towards a Prairie Horticulture Certificate, thinking I’d take up market gardening on the small acreage we were living on at the time and I had to do a report about a plant or vegetable and so I did a comic about carrots – this is a reproduction of that assignment.

oBliVioSiteR #32, 2000, Minicomic (4.25”x5.5”), 28 pages
The Great Canadian Hockey Comic Jam

The last issue. I was trying to get this going again and tried selling adds and using the revenues to print the comic and give them out free again. I think I printed over 1000 of them and game them away at a bunch of local stores and sent them to the other contributors to give away in their hometowns… I think I also sent some to Strange Adventures in Halifax (since they took out and ad and all!).

The comic itself was a jam comic with Michael Hind, Jean-Guy Brin and Shawn Fehrenbach. I laid out the comic and drew myself in a bunch of panels then sent it to Mike in Montreal he drew his bit, then sent it on to Shawn in Calgary who drew his bit, then sent it on to Jean-Guy in Ottawa, Jean-Guy drew his bit then, I think sent it back to Mike for some additional bits and then sent it back to me and I finished it up adding the backgrounds – it was basically a comic about four comic geeks playing hockey with each other – me and Shawn versus Mike and Jean-Guy… It was quite the fun romp!

I had a bunch of other stuff planned – I had another issue or two of my own School Fight comics planned – one issue of which was mostly even penciled… but I’d run out of steam and/or lost hope or something and hung up my cartoonist/artist hat for a decade…

It was drawing with my kids that got me going again and I’ve got PLANS for some new stuff… but more on that in another post!

Coming soon on Tim’s Art Blog:

Pulpspotting and new comics to come!